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Nov. 4, 2006 – 101Domainames.com the premier full service Internet solution and service provider for Low Cost Domain Names to Affordable Web Hosting & More., offers the popular WebSite Tonight® product, providing key features for those yearning to get involved in the .MOBI revolution.

Now anyone can design and create a .MOBI-compliant Web site easily and affordably. Pages designed for .MOBI are optimized for on-the-go devices, making them easy to load and navigate from the smaller, more limited screens of wireless phones and PDAs.

According to recent reports, 100,000-plus .MOBI domain names were registered during the first four days of the Landrush period beginning Sept. 26. General registration opens up to the public on Oct. 11 when even more registrations are anticipated. To put the excitement into perspective, it took more than 10 years for other top-level domains to garner 100,000 registrations in the early days of the Internet. The fast popularity of .MOBI registrations may support estimates by Yankee Group, an industry analyst, that the mobile data services market could reach $698 billion in yearly sales by 2009, according to a recent CNNmoney.com article.

Companies large and small and across all industries can embrace the power of the .MOBI top-level domain. Using WebSite Tonight® offered by 101Domainames.com, users can easily create Web sites that are formatted specifically to provide on-the-go mobile content and services. For example, Web sites that are .MOBI compliant are designed with content and graphics suited for a two-inch screen rather than a 17-inch desktop monitor. Long download times and excessive scrolling can be a thing of the past.

“WebSite Tonight® is a point and click quick site building program and site is up and running within several minutes”, says management, of 101Domainames.com.

Other enhancements to WebSite Tonight® include calendar control, photo album enhancements, animated splash pages with sound, music and video support and an expanded workspace.

For more information on 101Domainames.com. MOBI, visit www.101Domainames.com.

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