1888insurancequote.com Has Been Launched To Be The Online Source For Insurance Quotes.

Dec. 15, 2006 – Miami, Fl, December 15th, 2006 — 1888InsuranceQuote.com is all set to be “THE” marketplace for insurance quotes. A consumer can find all the relevant information for insurance from world leaders in the business. The site offers more than quotes, it permits the surfer to make comparisons and comprehend with clarity how insurance must be bought, which company to choose, and why.

According to a company spokesperson, “All a person needs to do is fill basic information. And 1888Insurancequote dot com will present the consumer with a range of choices. From the basic essential to comprehensive insurance coverage will be available from leaders in Insurance.”

The team of 1888InsuranceQuote has been visionary and set up a platform that brings consumers and insurance companies together. It is a one-stop environment where insurance companies showcase their products and consumers can study offers, determine their needs, take expert advice, and buy policies online.

Insurance is a necessity and not a luxury. Insurance protects everyone and offers security. Today insurance has become integral to existence and one need to include costs of insurance in budgeting our monthly expenditure. There are so many choices and options that it can be confusing. 1888InsuranceQuote helps consumers overcome confusion and apprehensions by bringing knowledge of insurance to the PC at the click of a mouse.

A leader in technology, the 1888InsuranceQuote site uses the latest software in insurance quote technology. Users can be assured that their privacy will be protected at all times.

1888InsuranceQuote has a business module that is visionary. The site does not stop at providing quotes it brings to consumers the latest news in insurance, in depth information about leaders in the field of insurance, advice on insurance, as well as the latest governmental regulations on insurance.

Leading insurance providers offer insurance policies that cover health, home, travel, life, auto, accident, and natural disasters. It is the complete resource that covers online insurance needs.

1888InsuranceQuote has a motto “1888 Insurance Quote protects your future.”

For more information contact: http://www.1888InsuranceQuote.com

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