1888paydayloan.com Offers Instant Short-terms Loans Legally And Provides Information On Payday Loans

Dec. 20, 2006 – Miami, Fl, December 21st, 2006— 1888PayDayLoan.com has been set up to offer short –term finance to those in need. The loan helps tide over immediate financial crunches. What is more the lending institutions ask for little or no documentation.

“What makes 1888PayDayLoan different is that the functioning of the website takes into consideration all legalities and regulations set up by different states in the US,” say a company spokesman. The website lays all the cards on the table and there are no hidden charges slapped on customers.

The vision of the site is not just money lending, what 1888Paydayloan aims to do is educate consumers on their options as far as payday loans and other borrowings are concerned. To this end the website features articles and tips written by leaders in the field of finance and has a FAQ section that answers commonly asked questions.

A customer can obtain a loan from leading lenders or learn about payday loans by navigating through the user-friendly pages of the site.

1888Paydayloan will ensure that customers are not exploited by lenders by making available information pertaining to the state the customer resides in. And the website plans to present the latest news about payday loans as well as advice on how to handle the loans with efficacy.

1888PayDayLoan has a panel of experts and great care is taken to ensure that loans are disbursed within the law and that no illegal activity is carried out.

Payday loans are great when faced with a medical emergency, or urgent unavoidable car or home repairs. What are more lenders on 1888PayDayLoan will not examine a customer’s credit score or report before disbursal of the loan. The procedure is simple fill an online form and the money will reach you within 24 hours.

Payday loans can be availed safely provided the money is returned on payday. If the loan is rolled over then the extent of interest will lead to a debt trap. Customers must avail payday loans only after educating themselves of the pros and cons.

For more information contact: http://www.1888Paydayloan.com .

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