1in3Trinity Energy Drink Sponsors Pro Skateboarder Richard Jefferson

Dec. 12, 2006 – 1in3Trinity, a Faith-inspired company of lifestyle products, is proud to announce that it has signed professional skateboarder Richard Jefferson for representation and development of the newly released 1in3Trinity Energy Drink.

“1in3Trinity Energy Drink is excited to sponsor Richard Jefferson,” says Dawn Pencil Marzka, Director of Business Development. “We have found Richard to be an excellent source of inspiration to inject into today’s youth culture as he truly lives his Christian faith through competitive skateboarding. The ability to touch the lives of young people through 1in3Trinity and Richard Jefferson is what lies at the core of our company values, which makes this partnership so much more valuable.”

Richard Jefferson hails from San Francisco California and is known in his industry as a Christian competitor. He has been featured in several skateboarding movies such as Trevor Prescott’s Seasons 1 and Seasons 3, FTC’s A Fine Line Between Love and Haight, as well as Video III from BFCSTUDIOS. He is also sponsored by Reliance Skateboards, KKSM, eS Footwear, and FTC Skateshops as well as others. “I am proud to represent 1in3Trinity Energy Drink and am looking forward to continuing to share the Gospel through doing what I do best.”

“Our product is not what 1in3Trinity is about, but it is what makes us a legitimate fashion brand company,” shares Paula Masters Co-Founder and President. “It allows us to be out there on the streets so that we can spread the Word through fashion to people who may never even consider stepping foot into a church. Since there is such a large Christian subculture in skateboarding, I felt there was a way to minister to this culture first hand that you can love and live for Christ and still be cool.,” says Masters. “Richard has demonstrated his commitment to his faith, as well as been able to excel at his sport, which made him a great choice for 1in3Trinity.”

The premier 1in3Trinity Energy Drink is a perfect companion for today’s active Christian lifestyle, providing benefits not only for the consumer, but for spectators as well. In an eye-catching aluminum can, the company has an opportunity to convey a positive and unique message in an innovative and distinctive way to not only the drinker, but also to those in which they come in contact. Each drink carries a full-bodied taste with an essence of pomegranate and grape. Lightly carbonated, with only 10 calories and an array of B vitamins and vitamin C, 1in3Trinity Energy Drink is sure to be one of most refreshing energy drink on the shelves – literally!

1in3Trinity has a strong vision and is committed to contributing a percentage of our profits to youth ministries around the world.

1in3Trinity energy drink will soon be available in select convenience stores, retailers and coffee Café’s, but is currently available on the companies own website.

For more information, please visit http://www.1in3Trinity.com.

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