1in3Trinity Launches First Faith Inspired Energy Drink

Nov. 29, 2006 – Faith-inspired company, 1in3Trinity is proud to announce their latest product extension to their signature, branded line of Christian clothing and accessories. In response to a growing market, 1in3Trinity has launched the first faith-based energy drink under the label 1in3Trinity Energy Drink.

“We are hopeful that 1in3Trinity will change the energy drink landscape,” says Dawn Pencil Marzka, Director of Business Development. “Not only are we offering a great tasting beverage, but an opportunity for the consumer to extend a positive message into the community. We really feel that 1in3Trinity energy drink offers positive energy with every sip!”

The premier 1in3Trinity Energy Drink is a perfect companion for today’s active Christian lifestyle, providing benefits not only for the consumer, but for spectators as well. In an eye-catching aluminum can, the company has an opportunity to convey a positive and unique message in an innovative and distinctive way to not only the drinker, but also to those in which they come in contact. Each drink carries a full-bodied taste with an essence of pomegranate and grape. Lightly carbonated, with only 10 calories and an array of B vitamins and vitamin C, 1in3Trinity Energy Drink is sure to be one of most refreshing energy drink on the shelves – literally!

”We now have an opportunity to reach one of the largest generations to hit the marketplace since the Baby Boomers – Generation X and Y – with dynamic products and a value-added message,” shares President and Co-Founder, Paula Masters. “Studies show there lies a shift in values on the part of these new discerning consumers. Today’s young market is making it clear to companies hoping to win their hearts that they will have to learn and think like they do, understanding that faith-based values carry great importance to this civic-minded consumer,” says Masters.

1in3Trinity has a strong vision and is committed to contributing a percentage of our profits to youth ministries around the world.

1in3Trinity energy drink will soon be available in select convenience stores, retailers and coffee Café’s, but is currently available on the companies own website.

For more information, please visit http://www.1in3Trinity.com

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