1in3Trinity Sponsors ‘Girls of Grace” “Make It Real 2006”

Dec. 14, 2006 – 1in3Trinity partnered with Multi-platinum recording artist Point Of Grace for its fifth conference season which started in September and ended the first weekend in November with their wildly popular and enthusiastically attended event, Girls Of Grace.

1in3Trinity signed on as one of the event’s sponsor’s for the conference, where they provided clothing and accessories from their faith-inspired clothing and accessory line for the high-impact style show. “I have been a fan of Point of Grace for years and I could not think of a better way to support what they are doing to give back to young teenage girls,” says Co-Founder and President of 1in3Trinity, Paula Masters. Girls Of Grace was designed to encourage and empower today’s youth both emotionally and spiritually, and we believe our brand supports that vision by giving young adults a positive and bold way to show their faith!”

Girls Of Grace appeared in four major markets, including Charlotte, NC, Minneapolis, MN, Knoxville, TN and Oklahoma City, OK, providing a joyful and super-sized celebration for today’s Christian teenage woman from all across the country. Featuring some of most renowned artists, dynamic speakers and relevant themes for our youth today, the two-day Girls Of Grace conference sends teens home with refreshed hearts, confirmed commitments and renewed self-confidence.

“It was an event filled with fashion, fun, honesty and Spiritual insight,” explains Point Of Grace member, Leigh Cappillino. “Girls Of Grace creatively challenged each participant to fully live out their faith in today’s culture and provided the practical Biblical insights and tangible tools to do so.”

The Girls of Grace conferences offered segments that focused on today’s most relevant issues for girls, led by the some of the most well known female voices in the country, including the four members of Point Of Grace, along with Chris Wheeler and Brio Magazine editor, Susie Shellenberger. Issues such as sex and dating, eating disorders, self-image and self-esteem, family relationships, today’s fashions and a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, were all covered extensively during this two day event. Add to this some of the best Christian music available that included appearances from M.O.C. & Jaime Jamgochian, making it an experience that was not to be missed.

For information, visit http://www.1in3Trinity.com and http://www.girlsofgrace.com

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