3 Tips For Buying A Home For The First Time

First-time home buyers may feel a bit intimidated by the process of applying for a mortgage, finding a home and negotiating a final price. Because it is the first time many of these potential buyers are navigating the housing market, it is important to consider a few key elements.
The Federal Savings Bank, a Midwest, veteran owned lender, offers the following tips to use as guidelines when purchasing real estate for the first time:
Set a budget
An interested buyer should determine exactly what he or she can afford. It is important not only to consider the monthly mortgage payments but also closing costs, property taxes, potential homeowners association fees and a down payment.
While 20 percent is the typical down payment buyers put toward a new home, there are alternative options available through government-sponsored enterprises like Freddie Mac. If an interested buyer wants a home, but can’t afford the more substantial upfront cost, there are many resources available.
To save for a down payment, automatically transfer a certain portion of each paycheck to a savings account. This allows individuals to save money for a down payment without really realizing it. In addition, it’s important to cut out substantial expenses. Individuals who want to invest in a home might consider moving to a smaller apartment or a less expensive part of town to help save money for a down payment on a house.
Enlist the help of real estate professionals
It is important to remember a first-time buyer never has to navigate through the homebuying process alone. Real estate agents, home inspectors and other industry professionals help individuals everywhere find the home of their dreams.
Buyers should ask for recommendations from friends and family. If a relative or close acquaintance recently moved or purchased a home, they can provide valuable insight prospective home buyers can use when searching for a home of their own.
Evaluate credit history
Because an individual’s credit score plays such an important role when it comes to becoming a homeowner, those who want to buy a house must improve their credit history as much as possible.
Potential buyers should know their current credit score and work to raise it. Paying bills on time and in full whenever possible helps a great deal.
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