3 Tips for Small Businesses to Gain News Coverage from PR Expert Brian Dobson

Small businesses without big marketing budgets need to be creative to gain news coverage to build brand awareness, announced Brian Dobson of DobsonPR.com, in giving 3 Tips To Gain News Coverage.
“How a small business is perceived by customers and potential consumers becomes its reality, which is just as important in small business as it is for global companies,” said Dobson, a former news reporter at Dow Jones, publisher of the Wall Street Journal, and Reuters, the global newswire, where Dobson wrote the daily stock market report.
Having headed PR at two major consumer products companies and then forming DobsonPR.com, Dobson is an expert in marketing communications and CrisisPR.
Dobson said the 3 Tips for Gaining Media Coverage are:
1. Limit messages to 2 or 3. In a variety of news announcements, repeat those messages in interesting ways. Repetition helps people gain understanding.
2. Be honest and do not oversell. Importantly, put the news first not your company message in the first paragraph. Read a world class newspaper or top local market paper to see how reporters position news and then use a similar format with your news.
3. Crystallize words into sound bites and do not use a paragraph when a sentence will do. Words are precious so tell the story succinctly.
“If a company tells its story in an interesting, compelling way, editors and producers may run with it. However, it takes time, so don’t give up. Wait an appropriate time and approach media again from a different angle. PR can help a small company grow dramatically,” says Dobson.
DobsonPR has promoted many small companies that have hit a chord with the public and received outstanding reactions. From biometrics to tractors, food to pharmaceuticals and licensing to merchandising companies, its clients have gained media coverage in creative ways. “Perhaps the most famous among our PR focused clients was in building the initial success of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and, more recently, in entertainment the launch PR of Dragon Ball Z. Both became number one in children’s entertainment. We do that for companies in many industries.”
“One of our clients is a family company in the natural soap business whose online sales have increased more than 500% in a few years. We set their news in a family format and have generated heavy coverage from the Today Show and The Doctors, The Huckabee Show on TV to Bloomberg on radio, Oprah Magazine in print and a variety of Internet sites that carry their core product messages to consumers in our aggressive PR program for the firm,” added Dobson, who headed PR at two world class companies before forming his PR company.
Based in Ridgefield, Connecticut, and online at http://www.DobsonPR.com, Dobson Communications managed a variety of brand building PR campaigns in sectors from toys and food to licensing and high tech. For more information, contact Barbara Green at 203-894-9240 or Barbara_Green (at)DobsonPR(dot)com.