3 Ways to Combine Style and Storage at Home

Although homeowners may have not thought about storage when they first bought a home,The Federal Savings Bank thinks they should ensure they have a place to put all their items. However, adding storage doesn’t have to be boring.
Here are three ways to combine style and storage:
1. Buy furniture with storage compartments
Purchasing furniture pieces that come with extra storage. These include ottomans and benches that add color to the room as well as places to store belongings. In addition to providing more storage without adding to the clutter inside a room, these storage items could also serve other functions. A large ottoman could double as a coffee table or even extra seating.
2. Install open shelves in the kitchen
To give a personal touch and style to the kitchen, homeowners could take out their old cabinet faces and replace them with open shelves. Not only does this make the space feel less cramped, but it can also provide more functionality to the space. The open shelves allow homeowners to easily reach cups, plates, utensils and more without having to open and close doors every time they need something. These shelves can also give owners a chance to display decorative plates and other kitchenware to increase a kitchen’s more stylish features.
3. Include more built-in storage
When homeowners first move in, their homes include cabinets for storing belongings, and they could have even more storage through built-ins. Homeowners could leverage their vertical space by putting in recessed medicine cabinets. Not only can built-in storage for living rooms and bathrooms help ensure all items have their place, but its materials and colors can also complement other design elements within these spaces.
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