39 Indian Companies in the BRICS100 List of Fastest Growing Companies – 3 in Top 10

27 Brazilian, 39 Indian, 6 Russian, 16 Chinese and 12 South African companies make the 2014 marquee of BRICS100. The BRICS100 TOP 10 LIST for 2014 has India’s FlipKart, Olacabs and Snapdeal on the 5th, 8th and 10th positions on the marquee.

Cape Town, South Africa, May 06, 2015 –(PR.com)– In the first ever annual listings of the fastest growing companies of BRICS nations – the BRICS100 – as many as 39 Indian companies grabbed the global spotlight for the year 2014. The world’s maiden exercise on ranking up the companies that moved and shook the industries in their countries – Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa – the BRICS100 hinged on multiple parameters aimed at assessing their “potential for leading the market through innovation.” Among themselves, the BRICS100 companies introduced 100+ new products; evolved 50+ new global delivery platforms based on technology convergence, and created livelihood for 20000+ people directly and indirectly.

The BRICS100 marquee for 2014 adds a shimmering new section to the history of corporate and company rankings across the world – the one on best companies from the BRICS. The listings are a product of that solid, statistically proven BRICS100 RESEARCH conviction that economies of the new millennium will be built big only by businesses, organizations and entrepreneurs, who will courageously challenge the old, and weed the deadbeat off from business models and management styles.

27 Brazilian, 39 Indian, 6 Russian, 16 Chinese and 12 South African companies make the 2014 marquee of BRICS100. The BRICS100 TOP 10 LIST for 2014 has the Chinese Alibaba topping the charts, followed by two Russian innovators RoboCV and Zeptolab. While Brazil’s UniPay holds the fourth spot, India’s FlipKart, Olacabs and Snapdeal seized the 5th, 8th and 10th positions on the marquee.

Indian companies appear dominating the BRICS100 precisely because of their higher potential of making global impacts in growing markets and industry spaces like capability management and convergence-based B2B solutions. India’s inherently lower cost advantages; and a gigantic, sustainable reservoir of cross-cultural human talents who can work long hours and just about anywhere in the world lend Indian companies this edge. But the newest reason – and this should be scary for rivals – is that virtually every product or service that the BRICS100 team saw of these fastest growing Indian companies – all of them are entirely global in their looks, feels, language, attributes and features – and a majority of them are already being sold in international markets.

The Indian top 10 on the BRICS100 are:
1. FlipKart (5th on BRICS100)
2. OlaCabs (8th)
3. Snapdeal (10th)
4. Zomato (14th)
5. eClerx (30th)
6. OLX(42nd)
7. Quikr (50th)
8. OYO (54th)
9. TCG Hamilton (55th)
10. RedBus (57th)

Dominated by e-commerce aggregators and online marketplaces, the India top 10 on BRICS100 is a story of how a strong domestic market can propel certain industries. While FlipKart, Snapdeal , OLX and Quikr represent online hypermarts on the BRICS100 marquee, the likes of Zomato, Oyo Rooms and RedBus have blazed trails in the travel and hospitality verticals. The other two Indian companies eClerx, one of the fastest growing Indian KPOs, and TCG Hamilton – the fastest growing capability management and certification services company across the world – they both may appear to be away from e-commerce and more in the mold of conventional, high-brow consulting outfits – but the fact is that even they owe their scorching growth to their respective proprietary service delivery platforms.
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