4-H Network News Video Blogging 2006 Capitol Christmas Tree On Microsoft’s MSN Soapbox Beta

Nov. 21, 2006 – Port Hadlock, WA – 4-H Network News, a youth-run multimedia club based at the Washington State University (WSU) Extension office in Jefferson County, is video blogging the 2006 Capitol Christmas Tree. The in-depth reports are available exclusively on Microsoft’s MSN Soapbox, an invitation only user-uploaded video sharing service.

The news crew has covered the cutting of the 65-foot Pacific Silver Fir in the Olympic National Forest, several dedication ceremonies, an interview with Washington’s Governor at the state capitol and discussions with key individuals associated with the project. Multimedia reports can be seen at: http://capitolchristmastree2006.blogspot.com

MSN Soapbox (beta) was selected to publish 2006 Capitol Christmas Tree videos for three reasons:

1) The tree cutting presentation videos, shot in low light, look better on MSN Soapbox (beta) than rival services.
2) We are able to share our reports on the new Microsoft portable digital player – the Zune.
3) As a Washington State 4-H club, we are proud to support Microsoft, a local business.

Since 1971, the Capitol Christmas tree has been harvested from one of the 50 states and transported to Washington D.C. For the first time, Washington State is providing a majestic picture-perfect 45-year old tree that will stand in front of the U.S. Capitol Building in Washington D.C. during the holidays. Official tree events are being managed by the Olympic National Forest and the Seattle-based nonprofit, Northwest Interpretive Association. http://www.capitolchristmastree2006.org

4-H Network News is enlisting the help of a Washington D.C. 4-H video club to cover the Capitol Christmas tree lighting ceremony on December 6, as well as the chipping of the tree into the Capitol Rose Garden mulch in January.

Pamela Roberts, Jefferson County 4-H coordinator, said the Capitol Christmas tree is a perfect symbol of 4-H. “For the past 100 years, 4-H has been teaching hands-on forestry to young people through activities such as tree planting, trail building, weed control, water quality testing, and wildlife monitoring. This tree is a symbol of the 4-H connection with forest stewardship.”

For more information contact:

Pamela Roberts & Jack Olmsted
4-H Network News
360/379-5610 X 208

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