4 Maintenance Tips To Prepare A Home For Spring

As homeowners get ready for warmer weather in spring, The Federal Savings Bank suggests they should readjust their maintenance routine to ensure they handle the transition from winter.
Here are four maintenance tips The Federal Savings Bank has compiled to prepare homes for spring:
1. Check the roof
Before winter, homeowners may have inspected their roofs. After the cold weather has passed, homeowners could do another check as spring approaches. During the winter, excess debris and water may have caused ice to form in gutters. This blockage could have caused water to spill onto the roof and resulted in water damage. In addition to inspecting for any discolored spots on the roof or inside the home on ceilings, homeowners should look for chipped or missing shingles.
2. Take off snow and ice
While homeowners could wait for all the snow and ice around their homes to melt as temperatures rise, they could take a more proactive approach and remove any snow that is still on their homes, especially if it is covering exhaust vents. Look for snow and ice buildup around outside faucets and other openings that might have been clogged.
3. Inspect the water heater
During winter, homeowners’ know their water heating systems work harder to ensure a warm and comfortable environment. After the season is over, water heaters could have accumulated rust or developed leaks that could affect their performance in the spring. Determine if there are signs of leaks or corrosion.
4. Clean the gutters
After all the snow and ice melts, take a moment to clean and remove debris that could have collected during winter from gutters. When rain in the spring comes, the water can more easily move around without splashing back onto the roof.
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