42Gears Helps CloudTags Blend Digital and Physical Experience for Retail Customers

CloudTags creates connected stores to blend digital and physical customer experience. The result is increased data collection and sales. 42Gears helps CloudTags secure devices used for enhancing digital experience of customers.

Santa Clara, CA, April 22, 2015 –(PR.com)– CloudTags is an Atlanta-based data start-up working with brick-and-mortar retailers to connect their digital and physical customer experiences. CloudTags technology allows in-store customers to create digital collections of everything they interact with by using location based devices that are provided by the retailer. It creates omni-channel customers by engaging them digitally (in-store) and increasing identification prior to checkout.

CloudTags uses Near Field Communication (NFC) technology to allow shoppers to digitally interact with physical products using tablets provided in the store, delivering product information, reviews and recommendations as the shopper browses. However, tablets with internet access in the hands of shoppers are susceptible to misuse. CloudTags required a mobile solution to protect tablet settings from intentional and unintentional changes made by the shoppers, ability to track, locate and lock device remotely in case it was stolen from the store and restrict shoppers from browsing unapproved web content. Since the plan was to deploy multiple devices in different stores at different locations, there was a need for a platform that would allow centralized control and real time monitoring of devices.

CloudTags chose SureFox and SureMDM after rigorous verification and testing. SureFox has helped in locking down tablets with access to only the allowed web pages. SureMDM has provided CloudTags with the ability to track, locate, secure tablets. It also helps manage all tablets and even SureFox settings remotely from a centralized MDM web console. The intuitive workflows of SureFox and SureMDM have made sure that the deployment and learning was quick and easy.

“The combination of SureFox and SureMDM has provided CloudTags with a platform that allows us to fully control customer’s tablet experience and troubleshoot any tablet issues remotely across dozens of stores on multiple continents. 42Gears have been extremely timely and responsive with all our support requests. 42Gears products have become an essential part of our solution.” – Vu Pham head of Innovation, CloudTags

42Gears Mobility Systems provide multi-platform mobile device management solutions that help companies deploy, configure, manage and secure enterprise mobile devices. Over 5000 customers across 50 countries use 42Gears products for managing and securing thousands of mobile devices. The solutions are used by various industries like manufacturing, healthcare, government, logistics, home security and education.
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