4D Systems Launches 4Discovery, a 3.5-Inch Wall Mounted Intelligent Display with Resistive Touch and Diablo 16 Processor, Ideal for Home Automation Applications

4D Systems launched today its first 3.5-inch, 480×320 pixel, wall mountable Intelligent Display module, 4Discovery, featuring the powerful DIABLO16 processor, designed to be a fast and easy way to create home automation, lighting control, or other control panel applications straight out-of-the-box.

Sydney, Australia, April 19, 2015 –(PR.com)– The 4Discovery is an Intelligent Display Module with a 3.5-inch, 480×320 pixel TFT display with resistive touch and features the powerful DIABLO16 processor, which enables stand-alone functionality and is easily programmed using the 4D Workshop4 IDE. The 4Discovery is designed to be mounted to a standard light switch flush/mounting box, which allows quick and easy installation into a wall and makes it possible to create a multitude of home automation and control panel application straight out of the box.

The 4Discovery has an array of additional features including micro-SD memory storage, 16MB of Flash Memory storage, Real Time Clock, 2-wire RS485 Interface which can act as Master or Slave with additional changeover wire, Optional WiFi, Optional Crypto Authentication security chip for secure transmissions, and a switch-mode power supply enabling a wide input voltage range, along with many more features.

The 4Discovery can be programmed to store 16MB worth of graphics, images, videos and data on the external flash. Additional images and data can be stored on the microSD card. The microSD card can also be used to upgrade the application running on the 4Discovery or update the external Flash memory. The optional on-board WiFi module is the popular CC3000, which can be used to connect to a remote computer or server and exchange information.

Driving the display and peripherals is the DIABLO16 processor, which enables stand-alone functionality and is programmed using the 4D Systems Workshop4 IDE Software. The Workshop4 IDE enables graphic solutions to be constructed rapidly and with ease due to its design being solely for 4D Systems‘ graphics processors.

“Many of our customers are using our standard display modules for developing home automation, control panel and IoT applications. We are now very pleased to be able to provide a solution that satisfies a multitude of these application needs straight out of the box.” – Atilla Aknar, CEO, 4D Systems

The 4Discovery is available with or without WiFi as well as in various starter kit configurations. It is available for purchase directly from 4D Systems or at one of your local distributors. The software tools are available as a free download at 4dsystems.com.au.

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