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Nov. 21, 2006 – If one is trying to market goods and services on the net, there is one given. A domain name is absolutely necessary. Choosing that domain name is critical…then building a good informational and marketable website is the next step in the process.

Most people do not realize the importance of having their own domain name.

Bottom line…most self replicated websites are NOT search engine friendly. They are produced randomly with very few of the necessary elements necessary for search engine optimization.

Hence, the failure of most people to make money online.

The step of purchasing a domain name is essential as necessary elements can be added in that site to become search engine friendly.

Another critical step in search engine optimization is how to choose that domain name. The domain name choice is critical as that will be the keyword category that the website will eventually reach on the search engines.

The advantages of choosing the proper domain name cannot be overemphasized.

There are no companies that offer advice and training on choosing a domain name…and building a website as well.

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Now with the added benefit of actual training and techniques to choose that domain…build a website…and tips to promote that site…their is absolutely no better value to be found on the net.


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