9 Free Chiropractic Marketing Videos

Dec. 2, 2006 – Lake Worth, FL December 1, 2006 —

Chiropractic marketing has never been any easier for chiropractors than it is right now! The Chiropractic Dashboard is a brand new, multi-media chiropractic marketing system that does all of the critical practice-building activities for chiropractors, on total autopilot.

The Chiropractic Dashboard is the first chiropractic marketing tool of it’s kind to use videos, audio postcards, websites, and more to build a chiropractic practice on total and complete autopilot for doctors. It’s the only automated chiropractic marketing system that brings you more patients, more recognitition, more word of mouth buzz, and more cash flow on total autpilot.

What makes the Chiropractic Dashboard such a revolutionary tool for chiropractic marketing is that it uses the latest in Internet, Video, and Audio technology to to automate everything, in a very effective, profitable, and fun way.

The Chiropractic Dashboard does the following chiropractic marketing and practice-building activities for chiropractors: generates patient leads, follows up of the leads, converts leads into appointments, gets new patients educated on the value of chiropractic care, reactivates inactive patients, creates networking relationships with local business owners, stimulates referrals, creates word of mouth, and more (if you can believe that)!

And, right now you can get instant access to the 9 FREE Chiropractic Marketing Videos that show the entire Chiropractic Dashboard in action, and get your one month risk-free trial, by going here: http://www.TheChiropracticDashboard.com

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