A brand new UK cosmetics company set up by two old Cheshire school friends

Nov. 22, 2006 – After following separate careers Matt within the NHS working for the Ambulance Service and Rob working in Landscape Gardening. They re-acquainted in 2005 and started planning the formation of Makeup UK Ltd. They now offer a full range of cosmetic products for both men & women at greatly reduced prices. Developing, producing and distributing cosmetics of all types and forms under the privately owned brand names of LEE HATTON®, RONA ROSS® and LEONA LESTER®. The now company produces over 160 products excluding colour variations.

LEE HATTON® is a well established name in Greece along with LEONA LESTER® and RONA ROSS® with the configuration of Makeup UK Ltd you are now able to treat yourself by purchasing these products online, by visiting www.makeup-uk.co.uk and they are available in all good retail shops.

The use of LEE HATTON®, LEONA LESTER®, and RONA ROSS® products helps to makes you LOOK GOOD & FEEL WELL!

The development and production of the products, is conducted by specially trained, scientific personnel, using sophisticated technological equipment. All the safety rules and the arrangements of the National Pharmaceutical Organization and the legislation imposed by the European Community are strictly adhered to. Cosmetia also follow the new developments and scientific researches for the best of the consumer, the product and the environment.

The product formulations are produced using CTFA (The Cosmetic, Toiletry, and Fragrance Association) and USP (United States Pharmaceutical Convention) certified materials, in fully conformity to EU (European Union), FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and Japanese standards. Microbiological tests and systematic controls for the full observance of outlines during the time of production makes every product safe and trust worthy. Furthermore frequent researches are conducted for proof of additional quality. Also dermatological and clinical tests occur.

Barcode, ingredients and PAO are written onto the packaging as the international practice demands, as are instructions. Also a batch code is printed on for safety and control.

Reliability and safety requirements.

Dermatological and clinical tests.
IN VIVO tests.
Tests have been conducted on selected persons.
Scientific researches prove products’ effectiveness.
Development – Production – Packaging under high safety conditions.
Microbiological tests.
Sterilization of containers and mechanical equipment.
High quality of raw and packaging materials.
Full list of the ingredients.
No animal testing

— End —