A Comprehensive E-Book to Help You Align E-Learning with Existing Training Media

A free resource that shares how technology can be effectively utilized to integrate different training methods that are being practiced in organizations today.

Hyderabad, India, April 30, 2015 –(PR.com)– The latest eBook from CommLab India, a custom eLearning design and development company focuses on integrating various training methods into a strategic whole with eLearning solutions. The eBook “Strategically Aligning E-learning for Holistic Workplace Training” focuses on how technology can be effectively utilized to integrate different training methods that are being practiced in organizations today.

Training can no longer be confined to a single annual event that takes place for a couple of days. Given the fact that knowledge and skills have to be constantly updated, employees have to be trained on a continual basis. Therefore, there needs to be a system where employees can access knowledge any time and when required. Well-designed eLearning modules can complement and supplement existing training methods such as classroom training and on-the-job training to ensure training is more effective.

Speaking about the eBook, Mr. RK Prasad, Co-Founder and CEO of CommLab India said, “Classroom training and on-the-job training still occupy a prominent position in the way organizations train their workforce. However, given the fact that we now have technological tools that can streamline and enhance the effectiveness of these methods, organizations need to relook at integrating technology with every training methodology they adopt.”

Mr. Razzak Hussain, Director, Technology of CommLab added that the learning management systems (LMSs) of today can be customized such that all training programs can be hosted and managed within the ambit of an LMS. This way, lots of duplication and needless repetition of training efforts across different departments can be avoided. Also, it helps in effective training evaluation.

The eBook is a part of CommLab’s initiative to share its knowledge and experience with the larger community. As a thought leader, it has published several eBooks and conducted webinars that focus on key topics pertaining to eLearning design, development and deployment process. A free copy of the eBook can be accessed by registering here:


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CommLab India LLP is a leading learning solutions company with expertise in design and development of eLearning courses. Its learning solutions include eLearning course development, mLearning solutions, conversion of legacy courses into the mobile compatible HTML5 format, translation of online courses and hosting and managing training materials on LMS.

CommLab has worked with organizations in various industries such as finance, insurance, manufacturing and healthcare. Based in India, it is a preferred vendor to several Fortune 500 companies, such as Alcoa, Mettler-Toledo and Pepco Holding Inc. and has an ongoing relationship with organizations such as SAI Global, Flextronics and Unilever.
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