A Little White Gorilla And Internet: Lillaworld.com

Nov. 21, 2006 – It is born Lillaworld a multilingual web site that represents a New Publishing Project in its kind : to distribute away internet original illustrated histories for children, in format e-book, audio mp3 and video in format .mov. and .avi too.
The whole publishing project is tied up to a license Creative Commons that it makes the free buyer in the use of the product. Parents and children have called to the fun together, in this new creative laboratory: stamp, colour, listen, look and guess! The everything while mother and dad learn and they exploit the most creative characteristics of the computer, thanks to the suggestions of the Imagination School. And without forgetting the economic side of the publication: 5,00 € for the whole packet (the first episode is Free), purchasable on the Lulu.com file servers, the greater supplier growth in the world for the publication of books on application. If on the calculation we add the press of the e-book it will be deliberately of low quality, to allow the children to colour as more they like it, the product is really advantageous.
In to world in continuous evolution Betto Balon (pseudonym of the inventor of this project, Alberto Andreanelli) stings straight to the desire of news of the people with free, convenient creative and proposals.
The first users of this new publishing project, the children, can grow fond to new characters and, at the same time, to free the creativity and to get satisfaction from the own realizations.

— End —