A New Opportunity Comes Through a New Business, JazStash, Inc.

Lifestyle entrepreneur, Jazmine Proctor, of Pine Bluff, Ar launches JazStash, Inc. to educate aspiring and new business owners on the tools of business development, self-branding, and business marketing.

Pine Bluff, AR, May 20, 2015 –(PR.com)– “Treat yourself like you are already a success and the rest will follow,” is a life lesson learned by JazStash, Inc.’s founder, and successful business consultant Jazmine Proctor. Already the owner of several successful business lines and the operating officer of the Adjust Your Crown foundation, Jazmine Proctor has forged a path to success and is using her latest online venture, JazStash, Inc. to help others do the same. Her JazStash, Inc. Business Bar includes relevant business tutorials such as, “DIY Business Credit”—a must for anyone trying to navigate the hidden algorithms of business credit, and her personal coaching product, the 90 Minute Business Crash Course where she personally works with you to learn the basics of establishing a business and marketing yourself in a technology-based world. Even if people already own a business, the changes in technology and marketing strategies she reveals are meant to help people revamp and get back in the game at a higher level of competition.

“I am who I am today by recognizing the truth in that old saying, ‘the only thing constant is change,’” Jazmine explains. “The business world changes every six months with technology and we all have to adapt or end up extinct. My goal with this business is to take what I learn through continuing education and applied business experience and bring that to others in a way that enables and encourages people to use mistakes and plateaus as self-improvement triggers so that they can adapt rather than fail. There are no lost causes in business. I believe that because I have proven it to myself.”

Business coaching is an art in many ways because it requires not only real life knowledge but the empathetic ability to see what the client really wants and how to take that desire and manifest it outwardly. Jazmine’s approach is to use education, encouragement, and her emotional IQ to better understand what her clients are going through so that together they can chart a course for improvement and successful outcomes. Her 30 Day Business Bootcamp takes her recruits on a path of prosperity by helping them to understand all that is required to set a business up properly in the “Smartphone World” and to brand that business in a way that is unique and will create name recognition with the ideal customer. She believes so strongly in her business coaching system and approach that she even offers payment plans because she knows that a successful business venture helps her, as well as, the client.

“When you help people on their path up,” Jazmine says, “they never forget. Invest in people while their stock prices are low and they bring you with them when it gets high. I’ve seen it and I’ve done it. I’m a business owner, but I’m also a member of the community. We can all have a share of the pie.”

With JazStash, Inc., Jazmine Proctor knew exactly what she wanted to do. She wanted to launch a brand that would fully represent both her faith and her journey. JazStash, Inc. is both a business and a movement. Within her website people can buy clothing that best represents the image they want to convey, a blog that provides information on how to create a life of abundant living, and resources to assist others in turning their dreams into a successful and profitable business venture. JazStash, Inc. is a lifestyle movement that she hopes people will be excited to join.

“I’m here today telling people what works,” she says. “I know they can do it because I have done it. I believe JazStash, Inc. is a partnership because there is no teacher in the world that never takes a lesson from their students. Together we can be a success.”
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