A Newer, Smarter Way to Scan Photos

Scan and tag photographs in one step using voice recognition.

San Jose, CA, May 04, 2015 –(PR.com)– Consumers with boxes of unscanned photographs and little patience for traditional scanning will get a new option today as Silicon Valley-based Qroma LLC announces the availability of QromaScan on the crowdfunding site Kickstarter. QromaScan is the world’s first photo scanning solution that tags and scans photos in one step using voice recognition. When not in use, QromaScan has the look and feel of a hard bound book, but quickly opens up into an LED illuminated lightbox. Users place their iPhone® on top of the lightbox and use a natural language phrase the tell the innovative QromaScan app the date, location and people in their photos. By sliding photos into the lightbox, the QromaScan app identifies the image, dials in the best visual settings and captures the image with the appropriate metadata. Photos organize themselves though metadata tags that are recognized by external applications such as Adobe Lightroom® and Apple Photos®.

“QromaScan greatly simplifies process of scanning and organizing photos with the help of voice recognition technology,” said Tony Knight, inventor of QromaScan. “Scanning a photo quickly is great, but also being able to organize them in the same step by turning natural language phrases into industry standard metadata is what sets QromaScan apart from other photo scanning solutions.”

QromaScan is available for preorder today on KickStarter (http://kck.st/1bqA0Hx), until May 31st.

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Name: Tony Knight
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