A Presbyterian Elder Traces The Genealogy And History Of The Seattle Presbytery

Dec. 6, 2006 – Filled with extensively-researched details of the early history of the Presbyterian history in Europe and in America, including difficult wagon journeys in the Oregon Trail starting from Missouri to the Northwest and West Coast, of troubles with the Native Americans caused by the immigration of white population into Oregon, which was then as now, rich with marine, lumber, and agricultural resources – this book is anything but not thorough.

The Presbyterian Church in the area grew rapidly but also underwent difficulties of organization. There were triumphs and downfalls. The Seattle First Presbyterian Church was the largest of its kind in the United States, with 8,818 members and 110 elders at its peak in 1939. Much earlier, it allowed the first woman to preach in church, evangelist Mrs. Louisa M. Woosley, in 1894. Ironically, that same year, her ordination was nullified. She was again ordained a minister in 1913.

Documented accounts fill this book to satisfy anyone interested in the Presbyterian Church in early Oregon, Washington Territory and Washington State. The Presbytery of Seattle 1858-2005 is the first extensive history of the Presbyterian Church in Washington since the publication of The History of the Synod of Washington in 1908.

About the Author
Ordained a Presbyterian elder in 1972, Robert L. Welsh also practiced medicine for more than 30 years. After retirement, he took on an eleven-year personal project to write down the Seattle Presbytery’s history covering the years 1858-2005.

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