A Quiz: Now That Finals Are Over, How Will They Celebrate?

Dec. 19, 2006 – • Party All Night With Friends To Relieve the Built Up Stress
• Sleep Late Every Morning and Just Hang Out
• Take On a Seasonal Job and Earn Money for Next Month’s Book Bills

Whatever the choice, everyone needs to keep “Safety” in mind. Commuters may not realize it but, approximately 9 million (National Center for Education Statistics)college students have now rejoined our traffic congested roads and our city’s night life on a full time basis (for at least the next four weeks). That means that an additional 9 million shoppers, a couple extra drunk drivers on the road and several million more potential crime victims are among our community while on Holiday Break.

For parents, this means staying up late at night worrying again until they get home safe and sound, for bar owners it mean additional steady revenue funds, for retail shops it means extra people in the work force and for Criminals it means extra pockets to pick and cars to rob or steal.

A newly launched company , Executive Defense Technology, LLC can help everyone, young and old alike, celebrate a safe and happy holiday season and New Year. Executive Defense Technology, LLC (www.execdeftech.com) is a organization of men and women dedicated to breaking the cycle of violence. They offer on-site programs for corporations, community organizations and schools. The program will cover a wide range of personal safety skills. Starting with Awareness and Avoidance skills and concluding with non-lethal deflection skills. Specific areas to be covered will include: analyzing use of force, control concepts and pressure point control to escape an attack if one should occur.

FBI Crime Rate statistics indicate that 1 out of every 25 people were a victim of crime in 2004 and 1 out of 250 people were a victim of a violent crime. The odds of being attacked used to be very slim, but today, they are slim that you won’t be.

Why not prevent crime from occurring in the first place? Why not be Proactive rather than Reactive? Your best defense may be as simple as being AWARE. Be aware of your surroundings, your belongings and bystanders in the vicinity. Identify areas of vulnerability and take action to remain safe

Individuals of all ages make it so very easy for violence to occur – they walk around with cell phones, hands full of shopping bags and just being totally oblivious to their surroundings. It is only a matter of time until crime will affect us personally and then our attitude will change – when it’s too late. It is natural for us to feel like this….no one want to believe that anything bad might happen to them. Everyone wants to believe that trouble will never “knock on their door”. Yet, nightly, news reports of violence and theft flood our TVs and radio waves. Listeners pretend not to notice them. And, to be honest, our gut is glad that this misfortune is not ours. The harsh reality is a risk-free environment will never exist. Yes, it is a sad world when citizens have to be on guard all the time, but pretending the danger is not there doesn’t make the reality go away. As in all things, the solution is education. Executive Defense Technology, www.execdeftech.com, can provide that education.

An individual’s best defense against becoming a Victim of any crime is knowing how to reduce or remove the “Opportunity segment” of the “Crime Triangle.” If you prepare and practice, you will be ready for every eventuality

To Find Crime Stats for your city click below: Neighborhood Crime by City (http://www.homefair.com/homefair/calc/crime.html)

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