Access Capital Group Debuts New Website and Capital Resources for Insurance Agents

Access Capital Group, the leading provider of capital for insurance agents and agencies, has just unveiled its new website, featuring its three unique capital resource offerings.
For the past eight years, Access Capital Group has been helping insurance agents, who typically have a hard time acquiring capital due to the fluctuating nature of renewal commission streams, find the money they need to take care of life’s unexpected expenses. By performing an appraisal of these commission streams, Access Capital Group’s team of actuaries is able to assign a present-day value to the block of business and offer agents a lump sum to purchase it. With this capital, agents can invest in their business, pay off debt, handle their tax bills, prepare for retirement, and much more.
The company has just debuted its brand new website, featuring its new Commissions Now™ Program, which allows agents writing Medicare Supplement insurance to receive two years of commissions up front by writing business through Access Capital Group. The new program is just another way for agents to find capital, alongside the company’s Commission Purchase Program and robust Agent Referral Program.
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About Access Capital Group: Access Capital Group, LLC is the leading capital resource for insurance agents and agencies to sell their renewal commission streams in exchange for a lump sum of cash. Unlike banks and traditional lenders, we understand and appreciate the value of your insurance renewal streams, and can help you leverage them to find the capital you need.
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