Accomplished Cooks Collaborate to Release Mexican Cooking Instructional Video

Nov. 16, 2006 – Clark’s Harbour, Nova Scotia – October 24, 2006 — Kenn Baynton and Linda Symonds, both accomplished cooks and Mexican food aficionados, have recently finished filming an instructional video that provides easy to follow instructions for preparing traditional Mexican dishes at home.

After years of delighting friends and family with their traditional Mexican foods, Baynton and Symonds have finally been convinced to share both their knowledge and their favorite Mexican recipes.

The video covers a complete Mexican meal and provides instructions for such traditional dishes as authentic chunky Mexican guacamole, easy cheesy enchiladas, creamy Mexican rice and the world famous rich and delicious Mexican hot chocolate complete with secret ingredients. Other favorite dishes included on the video are a simple and zesty salsa, decadent three milk cake and the perfect margarita. Baynton and Symonds have taken traditional Mexican recipes and recreated them to be quick and simple without sacrificing any of the taste.

According to Kenn Baynton, “Viewers are amazed that on their first try they are able to make restaurant quality traditional Mexican foods in their own kitchens.”

The Cook Mexican video is currently available on DVD and includes our treasured and previously well guarded Mexican recipes along with flavour boosting and time saving tips.

Symonds, a successful internet marketing professional, has chosen to make the video available on the internet at

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