Acme Media, Llc Acquires

Dec. 14, 2006 – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Contact: Acme Media, LLC


New York, NY- Acme Media, LLC is the revolutionary enterprise and is the emerging market leader in the Internet domain acquisitions. Acme Media, LLC reveals yet another vast purchase with This is another distinguished addition to the major property of its ever expanding portfolio of empowering Internet domains which include:,,,, and is being built as a premiere world class destination for our users mortgage needs. The Domain will be a diversified resourceful site to access information about all aspects on Mortgages. is providing unique up-to-date information gathering all relevant content for our users. will have the capability to offer an online educational reference with resources on home buying, refinancing, and home equity loans.

Acme Media, LLC is fundamentally active in acquiring domain properties. The incessant acquisitions and launches has allowed Acme Media, LLC to develop into the leading force of the competitive and ever changing world of Internet marketing, web based communication and information services. Acme Media, LLC is considered a true pioneer and is at a pinnacle in the realm of domain acquisitions and sales. By identifying emerging trends in Internet usage, marketing and information exchange.

Keith Levenson, CEO of Acme Media is the true curator behind the inspiration and leadership. Keith is a real world entrepreneur. He’s developed Acme Media at its prime and it’s becoming the most influential force of domain development, acquisitions and sales well into the 21st century. Keith Levenson conveys remarkable experience, having been a renowned leader in the entertainment industry for over a generation. Through his efforts, he built Admit One, LLC into the largest secondary market event ticket reseller across the nation. Acme Media, LLC is expected to endure unprecedented growth. Acme Media is rapidly taking on the leading role on the World Wide Web. The sky’s the limit!

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