Acomplia Acomplia Acomplia Miracle for obese people

Dec. 17, 2006 – ACOMPLIA acts at the same time on obesity (loss of weight), the nicotinism (stop of the tobacco) and cholesterol (by increasing good cholesterol and by decreasing triglycerides).

Indeed ACOMPLIA inhibits the receivers cannabinoïdes of the type I gold the system endocannabinoïde plays an important part in the regulation of the appetite (quantity of food), of the energy expenditure and the lipidic metabolism, like in the dependence with the tobacco.

The mode of action of ACOMPLIA is innovating. ACOMPLIA increases the secretion of adiponectine by the adipocytes (lubricating cells). ACOMPLIA decreases the secretion of TNF alpha and interleukine 6 (IL-6). These two effects ACOMPLIA should involve a fall of the cardiovascular risk.

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