Acomplia Rimonabant Approval Canada

Dec. 11, 2006 – Acomplia – a medicament affects the well-being feeling center Sanofi Aventis itself at present in far advanced evaluation, in clinical phase so mentioned III medicine present Acomplia (active substance Rimonabant) could affect our craze behavior – meal, nicotine and possibly also alcohol – in revolutionary way positively.

Acomplia works as an antagonist so mentioned at the well-being feeling center in the brain, i.e. it blocks the receptors, without activating her thereby and thus their function to release in this case well-being feeling coupled with appetite.

If one takes thus this medicine, the satisfying effect, but thus also releasing appetite does not adjust themselves after further food or nicotine, with following food intake or also when smoking.

Clinical study in Europe, the USA and Canada promisingly
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