Acomplia Rimonabant Report

Dec. 3, 2006 – Rimonabant is a CB1-receptors blocker. It normalizes the overactivity of the Endocannabinoid of system.

Rimonabant should be used only with strong predominance (BMI = 30), if calorie-poor food, change of the eating habits and the movement did not have the desired effect and additional factors of risk for heart cycle illnesses to exist as for instance diabetes type of 2 or high blood fat values.

Areas of application of Acomplia

* Predominance (BMI = 30)

Acomplia of warning references!

* With patients with reduced liver or kidney function caution is required.
* So far only patients were treated, who were younger than 75 years.
* Patients with Laktoseintoleranz may not take the medicine, since it contains Laktose.
* So far patients were treated maximally two years, possible long-term effects are unknown therefore.
* Patients with fresh cardiac infarct or impact accumulation (less than six months) were not examined.
When isn’t Acomplia suitable for you (contraindications)?

* Hypersensitivity to the active substance;
* Satisfy;

Acomplia with pregnancy and quiet time

* While the pregnancy and the quiet time is not the medicine to be used.
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