Acomplia Zimulti Information

Dec. 28, 2006 – Acomplia affects the Endocannabinoidsystem in the brain, which the energy equilibrium, which metabolism and the body weight affect.
The saturation feeling is strengthened by blocking certain receptors in the brain and extended, you feels satisfied and eats thereby less.
Together with a calorie-poor Diet and movement the Appetitz├╝gler Acomplia helps not only importantly when removing, but lowers also substantially the risk again to increase.

How much can one decrease with Acomplia?

More than 6800 patients participated in a clinical study with amazing
results. A Diet and more movement were ordered for you and given to a group of 1 tablet Acomplia with 20mg Rimonabant per day.

The active principle of ZIMULTI, the rimonabant, are an antagonist of the receiver of the cannabinoidi. A specific type of receivers acts bloccando, the receivers of the cannabinoide of the type 1 (CB1).

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