Action Film Studio Launches Funny Viral Video Production

Nov. 4, 2006 – It hasn’t taken long for some of the biggest and most well-known companies on the planet to recognize the marketing potential of one of the Internet’s hottest commodities: funny viral videos. Icehouse Studios, Toronto’s only Action Film Studio is now in the business of producing these short viral videos, both in film and animated formats.

So, how does one even go about the business of producing funny viral videos that could be used to promote products and services effectively? Andy Duncan, Founder of Icehouse Studios ( has already formed a strategic alliance with one of the world’s top Internet marketers, Tellman Knudson of

But Duncan also realized quickly that in order to produce short and extremely funny videos that would be passed from person-to-person via email, he would need the expertise of professional funny people – specifically, stand-up comedians.

After an exhaustive and initially frustrating search, Duncan was able to locate and entice one of the world’s top experts on stand-up comedy/spoken word comedy to join his production team. Just months earlier, this world renowned comedy guru who had already started his own virtual community of carefully selected, multi-talented comedians and speaking professionals in his exclusive forum with the goal of providing new and unique opportunities for comical people.

Duncan is quick to point out that the ability to produce high impact, funny viral videos quickly and effectively is directly related to the quality of the production team involved. “I already had the Internet-based knowledge and support with my partnership with Tellman” states Duncan. “But once I had the comedic support I needed, everything just fell into place like clockwork”.

The initial funny viral video production can be found at:…

Additional viral video productions are currently in progress.

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