Actionspace’s Enterprise Task and Project Management Software Now Supports Arabic and Hebrew Specifics

Boston, MA, May 09, 2015 –(– On May 6, Actionspace, LLC announced special features in its enterprise task management and simple project management solution that are developed for companies from Middle East countries. These features include the right-to-left language input support and company-specific workweek.

Now the companies which use Hebrew, Arabic, Persian, Urdu and other RTL (right-to-left) languages as a primary working language, can easily collaborate over tasks and projects without any inconveniences which are typical for non-localized solutions, such as reversed text input.

Another new useful thing with Actionspace is company-specific workweek. The company can set up a workweek and days of rest as they are used to, according to their preferences and cultural traditions. So, in European countries and the U.S. a typical workweek is Monday to Friday, most Muslim countries adhere to Friday-Saturday weekend scheme, while a holy day in Israel is Saturday. And companies in some industries, such as oil&gas or public utilities, need to operate 24/7.

“Flexibility in such essential things like working schedule and languages is vital for effective work management,” said Vale Smirnov, business development director of Actionspace.

These new Actionspace features were revealed to the general public on May 6, during the third webinar of Ask the Expert webinar series. In this series, Actionspace product owner personally uncovers Actionspace killer features and their practical application, and shares tips and hacks on how to use the solution most effectively.

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