ADHERE, Inc. Announces New Security Assessment Products!

Nov. 27, 2006 – ADHERE, Inc. helps your business reduce the margin of error, the cost, and the time investments associated with meeting compliances and regulations. The margin of error is approximately 7% when compliances and regulations are done manually, and cost large and enterprise companies over $250k to $1.5m, and take 6 to 48 months to complete.

ADHERE, Inc. provides product-based solutions to issues associated with compliance. Our Vitals™ product ties together over 20 years of security and IT experience with an automated tool that works according to your unique business environment. Designed with businesses up to the Enterprise scale in mind, Vitals™ software provides a tool that reduces cost and the margin of error significantly.

ADHERE, Inc. also provides economical solutions for smaller businesses designed to expedite your company’s compliance process. Our Technical Security Requirements documents (TSRs) are technology standards designed to guide you through securing your environment and bringing your business up to industry standards. We also offer Key Security Elements (KSEs), which provide the important foundations for security policies and procedures. Together, the KSEs and TSRs supply a business with a cost-effective guideline to secure your business and build policies particular to your business.

ADHERE, Inc. is headquartered in Vallejo, California. We have been providing security services and solutions from coast to coast for 4 + years. Formerly SeyMoor Technologies, Inc., ADHERE has provided high-level security solutions for a variety of projects. Our products are the result of many years of experience and research. Please visit our website ( for more information, or contact us toll-free at 188Vitals40.

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