Adra announces TASK MANAGER – a new Cloud based solution for automating the Financial Close Process

(PRWEB) JULY 02, 2015
Adra, a market leader in cloud based solutions for financial reconciliation management, today announces a new major product – TASK MANAGER. TASK MANAGER is designed to let finance and accounting departments build, manage and streamline world class processes for the Financial Close.
83% of accounting departments manage their financial close with spreadsheets according to a market survey* and experience challenges around quality control, efficiency and visibility. Many are under pressure to close the books faster and only 28% stated that they trust their reported numbers. TASK MANAGER is purpose built for finance and accounting teams to let them replace all their month-end checklists with a cloud based solution.
Many finance and accounting teams have ambitions to build tight, consistent processes with clear policies and procedures with standardized behavior among all their staff but struggle to do this successfully because they lack an efficient way to enforce the process. With TASK MANAGER they will have a tool that manages all their tasks and gives them both visibility, control and efficiency while enforcing consistent, repeatable, processes.
“At Adra, we are passionate about building intuitive, easy-to-use solutions for finance and accounting teams”, says Torgeir Lyngstad, CTO at Adra. “TASK MANAGER is designed to be self-deployable and we are excited over how easy it has been for our Beta customers to adopt the product. We notice that the tool also forces them to re-evaluate their processes. They thought they had great processes and just lacked the tool, but introducing TASK MANAGER has made them fine-tune and improve their way of working. That has been very rewarding for us to experience”.
Product highlights:
TASK LIBRARY. Build your tasks once, reuse periodically or ad-hoc.
TASK LISTS. Group tasks in Task Lists. Create dependencies, sub-tasks and on-task Checklists.
ZERO-DAY CONCEPT. Define a +/- relationship towards a Zero-Day, such as the close date.
TASK OVERVIEW AND DASHBOARDS. Reporting & Dashboards for real time visibility.
NOTIFICATIONS. E-mail notifications, reminders and in-app alerts.
EVIDENCE AND COLLABORATION. Upload supporting documents and comments on the task.
WORKFLOW, SEGREGATION OF DUTIES AND AUDIT TRAILS. Approval workflow and segregation of duties makes it possible to ensure governance and control.
MOBILE. Stay on top of tasks and processes at all times.
Product benefits:
BUILD AND MANAGE WORLD CLASS PROCESSES. Streamlined processes with consistent behavior and quality.
EFFICIENCY. Improved efficiency. Free up time to do more.
CONTROL AND RISK MITIGATION. Control your operational efficiency and your financial reporting.
KEEP YOUR STAFF HAPPY. Improve collaboration with comments and ability to have team responsibility over tasks. Know what to do at all times.
GET DONE IN TIME. Free up lead time, shorten your process and get done in time.
*Adra Financial Close Benchmark Survey (n=308)
Adra is a leading provider of cloud solutions for Financial Controls & Automation. Finance and Accounting Teams are under pressure to do more with less resources and at the same time to reduce risk and increase control. Adra´s cloud based solutions helps all types of organisations to work smarter and quicker with better control and accuracy. Adras mission is to streamline and standardise accounts departments and give them an overview of the company’s key processes at all times.
With over 25 years’ experience of providing software for the automation of the Financial Close Process, Adra is a market leader with more than 3000 customers. Adra is headquartered in Scandinavia and today we serve customers in more than 30 countries around the world. Among our customers are Hertz, GE Capital, KPMG, Toyota, IKEA and BMW.