Advertising That Drives Website Traffic While Contributing To A Good Cause

Dec. 7, 2006 – Jason Banman Marketing has created a website called Where families can honour a lost loved one, commemorate a special person, and business can advertise while having a link to their own website. provides business with a very cost effective way to get exposure on the internet while having the piece of mind that some of those advertising dollars actually are going to good cause. Individual people can honour a lost loved one much like an obituary except part of that money will be going to a good cause and their posting will be available for viewing on the internet for a long time to come.

Jason Banman (owner of Jason Banman Marketing) stated, “The Heart and Stroke Foundation of Manitoba was very receptive to idea of an internet advertising campaign that would benefit both the Foundation and the businesses that placed their advertisements on the Virtual Brick Wall, and as for myself, I am extremely happy to be helping such a good cause as the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Manitoba. ”

The general idea behind is if a person wanted to honour a lost loved one they could purchase a virtual “brick”. An image and a brief paragraph about the person would be published on the virtual wall for the world to see, while contributing a good cause.

If a business purchases a brick they would get an image of their company logo, a brief slogan, and a link to the company website. This could potentially create a totally new

stream of web traffic resulting in increased revenue, for a fraction of normal advertising costs.

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