Advicent Solutions and Waddell & Reed Extend Technology Partnership

Advicent Solutions, the leading provider of SaaS-based technology for the financial services industry, and Waddell & Reed, Inc., one of the top asset management and financial planning firms in the United States, recently announced the continuation of a nearly 20-year technology-based partnership.
When the affiliation started in 1997, Waddell & Reed was seeking an innovative and respected technology resource to enhance the execution of their financial-planning products, such as FOCUSPlan. Compliance, data security and plan accuracy also were crucial factors in making a technology partnership decision. With its ISO27001 certified tools and 25 years of experience in partnering with enterprise firms, Advicent, then EISI, was the best choice to help Waddell & Reed implement financial planning software solutions to best help clients with long-term planning and goal-setting needs.
“Helping our clients meet their long-term financial aspirations is dependent upon several important factors, among them sophisticated planning software that performs at a high level,” said George Fernandez, assistant vice president of Financial Planning Services at Waddell & Reed.
The two firms see the next phase of their partnership as a way to address evolving client expectations with technology-related solutions.
“Since the inception of our partnership, Waddell & Reed has provided valuable insight and perspective to help shape the direction of our products and services,” says Angela Pecoraro, COO at Advicent. “As we continue to support their existing planning solutions and introduce new industry-leading technology across the globe, such as Figlo and Narrator, we are committed to providing Waddell & Reed with the technology and services that help make planning more personal and help their clients reach their goals.”
To learn more about Advicent’s unique software offering please visit our website or contact an Advicent representative at marketing(at)advicentsolutions(dot)com.
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