Affiliate Project Master Experiment Pays Off, Literarily

Dec. 26, 2006 – December 26, 2006– “Of course they can” answers McNeeny who conducted his own test project to prove it. “I hand picked a dozen test subjects for my methods and force-fed them my techniques over the course of a two week period.” says McNeeny

After failing to make any real money online for almost two years, Chris McNeeny is pocketing over $1000 a day now and is helping many others do the same. “I have earned a little over $1,400 since I started up” claims Sammer Patel of Glasgow, UK, one of McNeeny’s test subjects. Another test subject, Kyle Erwin of Melbourne, Australia says, ” I have generated a little over $400 from a dead start.”

Test subjects were screened and hand picked by McNeeny on the basis they each had no or limited online success. Each of the chosen subjects were to complete assigned projects before moving on to the next installment.

A favourite amongst the test subjects was the leech technique. Most of the techniques, described in this ebook are designed to have minimal competition in the highly competitive world of online affiliate marketing.

“I have tried all the affiliate programs out there, and never could get anything to work. But now, I see why I failed in the past” claims J. Ryan of Atlanta, another of McNeeny’s test subjects.

An affiliate program is also known as referral program, associate program, profit sharing program or reseller program, that give affiliates the ability to create an online business selling products and services of a third party.

Despite the high competitive nature of the “Make Money Online” industry, sales of McNeeny’s ebook at seems to be unaffected.

There are hundreds of thousands of searches per month for affiliate programs and McNeeny’s ebook continues to sell and is reasonably priced at $97 with an eight week money back guarantee.

Say’s McNeeny about making a successful online income “…Affiliate Project X – a well proven way to make money with a computer and a pocket of change.”

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Chris McNeeney doesn’t hold back tells it how he sees it and say, “It’s time to settle a few scores.”

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