Affiliate ProjectX Accused of Scamming Affiliate Marketers

Nov. 3, 2006 – Newbie affiliate marketers have been up in arms against flimsy marketing guides that carry a nice introduction promising a great lifestyle, discuss some tips rehashed from here and there, squeeze in references to some high priced products and charge a premium price. When Chris McNeeney today launched Affiliate ProjectX , some marketers quickly jumped up to accuse him also of scamming people.

However a thorough investigation has revealed entirely different facts. The guide is a compact one at 50 pages and skips definitions to launch into the training right away.
The techniques covered are a mix of classic and devious but the author explains them very clearly and gives exact action steps.

These are the techniques covered in there –
The Leech method on page 11.
The Affiliate Diary on page 18.
The workhorse method on page 27.
Thief in the night o page 34.
Copy the best part on page 36.
The Opportunist method on page 39.

On top of that, there is an advanced tips section that itself promises to improve affiliates’ results by a large degree. In summary, the guide is guaranteed to produce excellent results for those who are willing to put the tips in action. Others can take a refund within 8 weeks.

About Affiliate ProjectX:
Affiliate ProjectX is a compact affiliate marketing guide, by Chris McNeeney and has tips to improve the affiliate marketer’s results by a huge margin. The guide comes with a 100% refund warranty. Click here to order your copy now.

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