Affinegy Represents AllSeen at Linux Collaboration Summit, Discussing Privacy and Security in the Internet of Things

This week at the Linux Collaboration Summit, Art Lancaster, co-founder and CTO of Affinegy will again represent the AllSeen Alliance and its focus on making the Internet of Things a reality. Lancaster will be speaking on Thursday, February 19, at 10 am, on privacy and security in the age of the Internet of Things. The Linux Collaboration Summit runs February 18-20 at the Hyatt Santa Rosa. More at:
Affinegy was one of the first companies to join the AllSeen Alliance, the broadest cross-industry consortium to advance the Internet of Things, now surpassing 120 members. Affinegy joined immediately after AllSeen launched, in December 2013, and now works alongside LG Electronics, Microsoft, Panasonic, Qualcomm, Silicon Image and others to fulfill the AllSeen mission. In April 2014, Lancaster was elected to the AllSeen Alliance Board of Directors. In May 2014, he was made chair of the AllSeen Gateway Working Group, which recently announced its first release, the AllJoyn Gateway Agent, an Internet of Things game changer.
The AllSeen Alliance is putting forth standards and open software protocols to make the Internet of Things real, to enable devices to seamlessly – and securely – discover, connect and interact with other devices. Affinegy’s decade-long focus on connected device management is contributing key technology to the AllSeen efforts, including the AllJoyn open source software project.
The AllJoyn Gateway Agent, for the first time, adds a layer of security and privacy to connected devices. Consumers can control which devices and services are accessible away from the home; and with proper user authorization, trusted and managed service providers can service these devices. Full interoperability and full privacy are both now possible at the same time through the AllJoyn Gateway Agent.
“There are millions of connected devices on the market and that number is growing exponentially,” said Art Lancaster, CTO of Affinegy and chair of the AllSeen Alliance Gateway Working Group. “The AllSeen Alliance believes consumers should have control over these devices and their data — with the assurance that these connections are both private and secure. The AllJoyn Gateway Agent is the industry’s first standard way to connect IoT devices and applications with such confidence.”
Affinegy is ideally suited to be a leader in the Internet of Things, especially AllSeen efforts, because, for twelve years, it has focused on connected device management – from pure Internet, broadband and Wifi access, to the connected home whether entertainment, home security or home automation, and now to all things possible with the Internet of Things.
Affinegy has helped cable and telco service providers, help their end customers with installation and provisioning, management and support, to the tune of more than 35 million homes. Leadership roles for Affinegy on AllSeen efforts validate that this company is uniquely poised to be the glue for the Internet of Things, to be the technology that makes all devices Just Work, easily and securely.
“It takes pioneering companies like Affinegy to advance the commercial impact of AllSeen Alliance and AllJoyn protocol,” said Philip DesAutels, senior director of IOT, the Linux Foundation. “Affinegy has been involved from the start, actively contributing key resource and code, and enlisting broad participation to ensure diverse and comprehensive Internet of Things solutions.”
The AllSeen Alliance is a Collaborative Project at The Linux Foundation. For more information, please visit:
More About Affinegy
Since 2003, Affinegy has delivered connected device management solutions to leading cable/telco broadband service providers and device manufacturers that help consumers customers with installation, provisioning, management and support of services. Now, Affinegy’s software enables full, easy, secure device connectivity in the Internet of Things. Affinegy is a leader in the AllSeen Alliance, the broadest cross-industry consortium to advance the Internet of Things. Affinegy is headquartered in Austin, TX with additional offices in Dallas, and Wroclaw, Poland. More at