Agility Responds to Growing Market Needs with New Fleet of Trucks in Jordan

Dec. 13, 2006 – Amman, Jordan – (December 2006)-: Agility has added 17 new Schmitz flatbeds to its fleet of 95 Mammoth reefers in the Kingdom of Jordan. As part of its ongoing efforts to provide truly integrated supply chain solutions to its customers. The new fleet will be paired with 100 2005 Mercedes Benz heads owned by the company.

With the expansion, Agility has increased its service capabilities to accommodate to the growing needs of the market not just in Jordan but in the entire Middle East region.

Hani Rabie, Country Manager for Agility in Jordan, said: “The marketplace in Jordan is booming and we at Agility are working hand in hand with our customers to support this growth. With the increasing demands of our existing partners and new customers we felt a need to move beyond outsourcing the additional assets required. We wanted to provide our valued customers with personal service which was only possible by expanding out existing transportation assets in the country.”

Elaborating on the acquisition of the new trucks Rabie explained: “We acquired the new trucks to add to our portfolio of quality services. To ensure this, we opted for the Schmitz brand with Actros Mercedes Benz 2005 heads for their proven efficiency and functionality.
Transportation in reefer trucks is usually restricted to goods that are palletized and relatively small in size. Flat beds on the other hand can accommodate bulky and oversized objects. In this respect, our new fleet serves our purpose of expansion and optimal productivity perfectly.”

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