Ahern & Associates Embraces and Sponsors the Transportation Industry: Ahern Sponsors Alabama Trucking Association Fleet Safety Awards and Annual Convention

Andy Ahern, CEO and Founder of the industry-leading firm, has announced that on Monday, March 23, two Ahern & Associates team leaders will be presenting the first such award at the Alabama Trucking Association’s Fleet Safety Awards banquet.
Ahern & Associates, a leading Phoenix-based trucking and transportation consultation firm, has made a commitment to substantially invest in numerous trucking associations throughout the United States. The firm is currently involved with The Transportation Intermediaries Association, The American Trucking Associations, and approximately eight various state trucking associations.
This year, Ahern is making contributions to various associations for Fleet Safety Awards, sponsorships for annual conventions, and other contributions deemed necessary by the associations. It’s Ahern’s way of giving back to the trucking industry for 28 years of business.
Robert Westergard, Director of Marketing, and Brian Haley, Vice President and Sales Manager of Ahern & Associates, will be presenting the Alabama Trucking Association Safety Professional of the Year award. In addition, the highly sought-after award is also being sponsored by Ahern & Associates. Furthermore, Ahern will be sponsoring a breakfast at the transportation annual convention for the Alabama Trucking Association.
Up to 200 attendees are expected to celebrate the efforts of some of the industry’s best and brightest at the awards dinner on March 23. Other awards that will be presented during the evening include the Alabama Driver of the Year award, the Maintenance Professional of the Year award, the Presidential Award (for safest overall fleet), and others.
Ahern & Associates has been a member of the Alabama Trucking Association since 2002, and is a platinum-level sponsor for the Alabama Trucking Association’s annual convention, taking place this year on April 23-26 in Florida. The firm is contributing to the Alabama Trucking Association social functions to let the Alabama carriers know how much Ahern & Associates appreciates their involvement in the trucking and transportation industry.
Mr. Ahern is well-known for his contributions to the trucking and transportation industry, as well as his strong support for the St. Mary’s Food Bank and other non-profit organizations. He makes available his knowledge of pressing industry issues via regular podcasts, available on http://www.ahern-ltd.com. In addition, the Ahern Advisory, a weekly industry newsletter reaching over 225,000 readers, is also published on the official website of Ahern & Associates. Subscriptions to the Ahern Advisory are available free of charge via email for all who are interested.
About Ahern & Associates, Ltd.
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