Air Crew Flight Path to Holistic Wellness

Dec. 8, 2006 – Zen Resort Bali has designed special holistic wellness packages that can contribute to treating the range of air travel ailments and symptoms that affect aircrews and also empower them with the knowledge and techniques of holistic wellness that would be invaluable for passenger care and welfare. Aircrew health and well-being are of paramount importance as without it they cannot provide caring, friendly and efficient service, essential to the success of the Airline.

Air travel, particularly over long distances, exposes airline crews to a range of health hazards associated with a confined and pressurized cabin environment. These include limited working space, air quality, low humidity, pollutants and pathogens, cosmic radiation, jet lag and dealing with a diversity of passengers. All these factors interact and compound the health risks of frequent air travel. The number of world-wide air passengers totals some 1650 million annually and this is projected to double by 2015
While there is limited scientific and epidemiological evidence on the health hazards of air travel, many surveys of frequent air travel have documented a wide range of health ailments and symptoms as summarized below.

Frequent Ait Travel Health Ailments and Symptoms
It is important to note the health risk factors discussed above all interact and are compounding in potential ailments and symptoms affecting air crew such as,
• General: Fatigue, hot flashes, joint and muscle weakness and pain
• Neuropsychological: Headache, light-headedness, dizziness, memory impairment , difficulty in coordination, sleep disorders
• Neurotoxic: Blurred vision, disorientation, loss of balance and vertigo,
• Gastro-intestinal: Nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea;
• Respiratory: Breathing irregularity, tightness in chest, respiratory infections;
• Cardiovascular: Increased heart rate, high blood pressure, palpitations,
• Skin: Dryness, rashes and blisters

Zen Resort Holistic Wellness Program for Airline Crew & Employees
A serene and luxury boutique resort; Perched above rice fields, vineyards, natural forest; Zen garden amidst a tropical floral extravaganza; Fifteen sunset and sunrise sea view villas; Infinity pool to swim and Jacuzzi to relax; Healthy and delightful international gastronomy; Secluded beach, hot springs, nature walks and more ; Sunrise sail with the dolphins and go snorkelling; Golf just half an hour away in beautiful Bedugal; Holistic wellness comprising integrated Ayurveda, Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation & traditional Balinese and modern beauty treatments; Qualified practitioners from Kerala Ayurveda College, India, assessing your constitution, lifestyle and ailments and symptoms towards designing your own individual wellness and beauty plan to rejuvenate your mind, body, spirit and soul. A holistic wellness holiday resort where all your senses will be touched awakened and renewed giving you blissful harmony with your self and your being.

Net Rates Valid for bona-fide airline crews till 31st October 2007
Transport to and from Zen Resort within Bali; Villa Accommodation and All Meals; Morning Yoga and Pranayama and Evening Meditation; Daily Flowers and Fruit Basket; Ayurvedic Treatments by two therapists; Rejuvenating Natural Hot Springs Swim, Meditation at Vihara Buddhist Temple; Sunrise Dolphin Sail;
All prices subject to Government Tax (11 %) and Service (10%)

AYUR3 RELAXATION and HARMONY (3 Nights/ 4 days)
Price US $ 300 per Night (Airline Crew Price US $ 195 per night)
Day 1: Afternoon Arrival; Mandi Lulur- Traditional massage and Floral Bath
Day 2: Abhyangam Oil; Shirodhara; Bahpasweda
Day 3: Marma Energy, Netradhara, Sundarya Varddhini
Day 4: Sunrise Dolphin Sail; Depart

Price US $ 300 per Night (Airline Crew Price US $ 195 per night)
Day 1: Afternoon Arrival; Mandi Lulur- Traditional massage and Floral Bath
Day 2: Abhyangam Oil, Shirodhara, Bahpasweda
Day 3: Patrasweda Elakizhi, Karna Pooranam, Avagha Sweda
Day 4: Pada Abhyangam, Nasyam, Bashpasweda
Day 5: Shastika Njavarakizhi, Shirovasti, Sundarya Varddhini
Day 6: Sunrise Dolphin Sail; Depart

AYUR7 PURIFICATION and SLIMMING (7 nights / 8 Days package)
Price US $ 300 per Night (Airline Crew Price US $ 195 per night)
Day 1: Afternoon Arrival; Mandi Lulur- Traditional massage and Floral Bath
Day 2: Udwartana; Sarvangadhara; Avagaha Sweda
Day 3: Podikizhi; Ksheeradhara, Bashpasweda
Day 4: Abhyanga Oil; Shirodhara; Snana
Day 5: Visit Banjar Hot Springs, Vihara Buddhist Temple, Sundarya Varddhini
Day 6: Marma Energy; Shiroabhyangam; Bashpasweda
Day 7 Patrasweda Elakizhi, Karna Pooranam, Avagha Sweda
Day 8: Sunrise Dolphin Sail; Depart

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