Airy Jeanine Releases ‘’Mama’s Girl” Official Music Video

Airy Jeanine is a rising star. The emerging teenage singer-songwriter-actress has released the official music video for her debut song “Mama’s Girl”, launched on the Kmina Entertainment label.
Combining live-action and abstract styling effects, the thematic video for the rhythmic Pop song already can be viewed on YouTube, Vimeo, and assorted outlets. It will be integral in establishing, and to popularize in the development of an expanding full-scale marketing strategy. The video promotion campaign spearheaded by HIP Video Promo, aligns with a push underway to build worldwide exposure via multiple media platforms and venues.
Consumers can purchase Airy Jeanine’s catchy new song online from any of hundreds of digital retailers including, iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon.
Radio audiences in cities nationwide are already getting turned on to the up and coming entertainer from airplay on a growing list of stations, as she moves to make an impact in the major markets.
On the music production front, a network of hit music makers, producers, songwriters, musicians, and engineers, who have worked on songs for Grammy and American Music award winners and nominees continue to work with her on her debut album.
The multi-faceted New Jersey based talent is skilled as a multi-instrumentalist whose vocals will capture audiences through an easygoing ambience. Her performing repertoire is being refined to be precise and focused, as she is collaborating with a choreographer on routines to be incorporated in upcoming performances.
Another project that will highlight her versatility is the production of a SAG affiliated TV Pilot in which she has the lead role. Currently in post-production, the show is under the helm of writer-director Mad Matthewz. With comedic and dramatic themes, it is geared for the teen and young adult audience, and aims to attract a multi-cultural demographic.
Airy Jeanine, and Kmina Entertainment is in collaboration to create, develop and produce her projects through various associations. Plans are in the works to develop books, merchandising items, and media based interactive projects.
She is on the right track, charting a journey into a brilliant future that is unfolding with great promise.
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Kmina Entertainment
The company is on the verge to make an impact in the evolving industry landscape, with their lead-off 2015 release schedule for Airy Jeanine.
Based in Franklin Lakes, NJ, the enterprise is an efficiently run start-up entertainment entity that produces, promotes, and markets music, video and related multimedia projects. Sponsor partnership opportunities are being pursued to expand her brand. With a long-term focus, the various facets of the entertainment ventures are being conducted by a stellar team, set about to develop and establish her brand as a competitive force.