Alabama Author and Paranormal Investigator Kevin Cain Releases Book About His Haunted Collection

Kevin Cain, an author and paranormal investigator, has been collecting haunted items for the past two years. The items range from dolls to paintings to antique tools and jewelry. His new book “My Haunted Collection” tells the stories behind some of the most popular items in his collection.

Alabama Author and Paranormal Investigator Kevin Cain Releases Book About His Haunted Collection Birmingham, AL, April 20, 2015 –(– Alabama author and paranormal investigator Kevin Cain has released his newest book, “My Haunted Collection.” The book discusses the author’s personal collection of haunted items in his home that he began two years ago starting with a porcelain doll said to be haunted by a seven year old little girl named Patty.

Writing since the age of eight, Kevin has published five books now including two novels, two short story collections and now this volume about his paranormal oddities. Kevin has also been a paranormal enthusiast since his childhood when he grew up in a haunted house out in the western part of Jefferson County in Alabama. Since then, his love for ghost stories grew and he became involved in paranormal investigations starting in 2004. The historical locations he has investigated so far include Sloss Furnaces in Birmingham, Alabama, and the infamous Myrtles Plantation in St. Francisville, Louisiana. He has also helped in investigating private homes for individuals needing assistance in dealing with paranormal activity.

In “My Haunted Collection,” Kevin discussed how he got involved in collecting haunted items two years ago when a friend of his passed on an antique porcelain baby doll to him alleging that the spirit of a small girl seemed to be attached to it. The book goes on to describe the unexplainable events that followed, such as after the doll came into his home, Kevin noticed some minor activity in his home such as the feeling of a small hand tugging on his shirttail, the sound of a little girl giggling and the doll itself changing positions. Kevin also captured the voice of the girl on his digital recorder. According to the legend, the little girl Patty actually owned the doll in life before she passed away from accidentally consuming some of her mother’s drugs back in the late 1980’s. The doll has since passed from owner to owner, and each one has related stories of spooky goings-on with the doll.

According to Kevin, “Patty is a very sweet little spirit that makes her presence known from time to time and has really inspired me with my writing. After having the doll in my house for several months, I couldn’t resist checking out stories behind other haunted items. Before I knew it, my collection grew as people from all over started asking me to take items from their homes that had caused paranormal activity.”

As discussed in the book, Kevin has collected over seventy haunted items. They range from haunted dolls to paintings to old tools such as a cobbler stand from the 1800’s. Even a glass mug all the way from the famous ocean liner Queen Mary in Long Beach, California, sits in his collection and is said to be haunted by a the spirit of an officer who once served on the ship. With the increase in his collection, the activity has also increased in his home. “The activity is very peaceful,” he reports. “Sometimes the items themselves change positions. Sometimes disembodied voices are heard in the house. Many times I have felt a small hand come to rest on my arm or tug on my shirttail. I have also had one of the spirits come behind me and straighten my covers and pillows, so they are very protective of my home and look after me.”

Kevin’s new book, “My Haunted Collection” tells the story behind some of these items, how or why they became haunted and the activity he has experienced from them. Even the story of his beloved Patty is included in the book. When asked how far he will go with collecting haunted items, he responded, “As far as it takes me.”
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