American car imports mean great deals for UK car buyers due to weak dollar e.g. Mustangs & Corvettes

Dec. 7, 2006 – The current exchange rate is creeping up towards 2$/£ – this means UK residents can benefit from £1000s off American vehicles

American cars are becoming an attractive offer for UK residents in the market for a new vehicle. The quality of new American vehicles is beginning to place them in the same league as the traditional vehicles seen in the UK.

The new Corvettes have been praised by the motoring industry, the Roush Mustang even was highly praised on Jeremy Clarksons new DVD, ‘The good, the bad and the Ugly’ when it raced around a track against a Lotus Exige.

Some examples we have recently brought to the UK include:

2005 Corvette C6 Convertible – 3000 miles, 6.0L paddle shift, 0-60 4secs, just £29,995 on the road in the UK with 12 months road tax and two year UK warranty – price includes all UK customs taxes and duties

2007 Mustang GT Premium – Brand new, 4.6L V8, air con, interior upgrade, leather seats, 6 disc CD player with MP3, cruise control and traction control, 18″ alloys – just £24,995 OTR with 2 yr UK warranty, 12 months road tax and all UK customs payments included in price.

2004 Lincoln Navigator – fully spec’d – £23,995

RHD conversions are also available on most vehicles for around £5000 – although 90% of people who try left hand drive get used to it after a days driving and do not see the need to convert to RHD!

There really has never been a better time to buy American – and if you want something to drive that is unique, reliable, high quality and exceptionally good value for money – you simply can’t get better!

Insurance companies such as Tett Hamilton now also cater for American car drivers and have competitive premiums (Tett Hamilton can be reached on 01275 856618 – ask for Claire and mention to get great deals!)

Spares and parts are easy to get hold of and there are now a number of American specialists across the country

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