American Homeowner Preservation CEO To Moderate at REI Expo

Jorge Newbery, founder and CEO of real estate crowdfunding platform American Homeowner Preservation (“AHP”), will be a panel moderator at the REI Expo in Dallas, TX January 24-25. Real Estate Crowdfunding: The New Reality in Realty will provide cutting edge information, trends and strategies on real estate crowdfunding through panel discussions and speakers. Real estate crowdfunding is an emerging source of capital for real estate developers as well as an efficient tool to invest in projects which often offer favorable returns. The REI Expo expects a range of participants including real estate investors, crowdfund investors, institutional investors, investment fund companies, accountants and lawyers.
Newbery will moderate a pair of panels at the event: Institutional and Crowd Investors for Real Estate as well as A New Ecosystem: Innovations in Investor Communities. Other topics to be discussed include Creating & Growing Equity-based Funds for Real Estate Projects, Institutional Investment Strategies and Social Impact Investment Opportunities.
“Real estate crowdfunding is bringing transparency and efficiency to both raising capital and investing in real estate,” Newbery said. “Events such as REI are great forums to share experiences, learn, and network.”
Other real estate crowdfunding participants include Crowd Alliance, Silver Capital Portal, Inner 10 Capital, DiversyFund, Vestor, Loquidity, Realty Wealth, Crowd Realty Advisors, Realty Mogul, Small Change, Peer Realty, KC iFund, Groundbreaker, ProHatch, FundAmerica, Realty Mogul, Small Change, Pro Hatch, Vestor, and Realty Wealth.
AHP is launching its largest crowdfunding campaign ever, $30 million, the same week as REI. This will be among the largest real estate crowdfunding opportunities offered by any platform.
AHP crowdfunds pools of distressed mortgages at significant discounts from lenders and empowers accredited investors to invest online and generate annual returns of 9 – 12%. Mortgages purchased by AHP are typically secured by single family homes and, once acquired, AHP offers affordable payments and discounted principal to families to keep them in their homes. This socially responsible strategy generates above-market returns, as legal fees and other costs necessary to foreclose are often reduced or eliminated.
Real Estate Crowdfunding: The New Reality in Realty at the REI Expo is presented by the Soho Loft Conferences, a division of the Soho Loft Media Group. David Drake, founder and Chairman of The Soho Loft Media Group, will moderate the REI Expo.
American Homeowner Preservation is a socially responsible investment fund manager which empowers accredited investors to purchase equity in pools of distressed mortgages and earn returns of 9-12%. For further information or inquiries please visit or call 800-555-1055.
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