American Homeowner Preservation Offers Webinar: How To Invest In Non-Performing Mortgages

Investors can learn “How To Invest In Non-Performing Mortgages” during a free webinar presented by American Homeowner Preservation (“AHP”). AHP CEO Jorge Newbery and Security National Servicing Managing Director David Pollio will host the event. All attendees, from beginning note investors to the experienced, can benefit.
Topics will include the converging market conditions which result in a robust Nonperforming Mortgage (NPL) market even as the housing market appears to be on the mend, as well as why NPL supply should be ample through 2020 and beyond. The hosts will also detail how to price NPL, how to make money buying NPL, and – perhaps most importantly – how to avoid losing money buying NPL. Underwriting, due diligence, and the pros & cons of investing in NPL vs. real estate will also be discussed.
This new educational webinar is the first in a new investor education effort launched by AHP Investor Academy. “Non-performing mortgages represent some offer some of the best investment opportunities available today,” said Jorge Newbery, AGHP’s CEO. “However, it’s easy to lose money investing in NPL as well, so education is essential.”
“How To Invest In Non-Performing Mortgages” is scheduled for July 14th at 8:00PM Eastern, 7:00PM Central, 6:00PM Mountain, and 5:00PM Pacific. Free registration is available at
American Homeowner Preservation is a socially responsible investment fund manager which purchases pools of NPL from banks at big discounts, then shares the discounts with struggling homeowners. For further information visit or call 1-800-555-1055.