Americans are Restoring the Republic

The Lighthouse Law Club is celebrating the 4th of July 2015 with its national Grand Opening. Founder Mark Emery is an author, researcher, businessman, community volunteer and civil rights activist. He is teaming up with other informed Americans of all economic and ethnic strata from among the several states who are taking a strong interest in getting the country back on the proper course.
As the basis for creating ‘the club’ Mark says, “People have finally suffered enough abuse and compelled servitude to the money powers and the corporate oligarchy which is attempting to dominate us with it’s top down approach. We understand the tricks used with the ‘Lex Mercantoria’ to deny people their inherent God given rights. These private actors are in collusion with the bankrupt corporate entity known as the United States. We the people are informed and knowledgeable and we intend to educate all interested Americans with a plan of action.”
The Lighthouse Law Club is working with, and invites other independent, active and prominent organizations nationwide to join in this effort to preserve freedom. Mark says ” Americans are mobilizing to relegate the renegade criminal tyrants of our time to their rightful place in history. We the people are restoring the republic to active status under the rule of law.”
The Club is being launched as a center for advanced learning, sharing and networking to empower all Americans with the skills and knowledge of the law. The Club believes that with this educational foundation, Americans can better protect themselves from abuse and misapplication of the law. The objective is to use this information to see how the problems can be rectified in a peaceful, lawful and just manner.
Mark further adds “Fraud of historic proportions has been uncovered as it relates to: the false money system, fraudulent bank loans, false credit card debt, illegal conversion of God given rights into regulated ‘commercial’ activity to be taxed and used as weapons of control. Further, every member of Congress and cabinet has been notified of the criminal, illegal nature of the extortion racket of the IRS and they have done nothing to protect the people, thereby giving their consent to criminal activity and participating as co-conspirators. Caveat Actor!”
Grand Juries of, by and for the people are being formed nationwide to enforce the rule of law and to stem the tide of abuse by the criminal element in positions of power and authority.
All Americans and freedom lovers worldwide are invited to celebrate ‘Independence Day’ and join us in the Grand Opening of the Lighthouse Law Club. Membership is FREE. Start learning what can be done to hold the criminals accountable and get out from underneath the crush of false debt, fraudulent bank loans, unlawful taxes and federal control of our lives and God given rights. Success requires full participation.
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