An Ultimate Caribbean is one Unified in its Delivery, thereby Re-charting the Caribbean Marketplace

Nov. 6, 2006 – The Ultimate Caribbean Homepage (TUCH) believes that the Family-branding approach of its revolutionary All-Inclusive Caribbean Pixel Advertising will elevate Caribbean Brand recognition, as well as foster loyalty and Brand Pride. In a corporation, Brand Pride strengthens the motivation of employees. For the Caribbean, Brand Pride will also have the corresponding effect of constant motivation, as product and service providers repeatedly strive to elevate the standard of their individual offerings. As Caribbean Brand awareness evolves, an optimal standard of excellence will traverse the Caribbean shores and transcend to all Global Caribbean offerings.

Family branding is a marketing strategy that involves selling several related products under one brand name. TUCH is providing Pixel Advertising space for tens of thousands of Advertisers of diverse Products, Services and Information, all with the related or common thread of possessing some degree of a Caribbean Connection. This kind of volume of collective Caribbean Advertising or related offerings is akin to family branding. The Ultimate Caribbean Homepage (TUCH) believes that this consolidated Advertising, designed for the Caribbean Marketplace and made possible by revolutionary Pixel Advertising, is absolutely necessary, in order to foster a Standardized Caribbean Dedication to Optimal Customer Experience, as well as boost Caribbean Brand Recognition, Loyalty and Pride. Success in these areas will enable the Caribbean to stem the tide of aggressive competition being waged by other vacation destinations.

In justification of the adage that “there is strength in numbers”, there are guaranteed economies of scope associated with family branding, since several products can be efficiently promoted with a single advertisement or campaign. In addition, overall market appeal and customer satisfaction is assured, if there are synergies between products. This is a certainty with TUCH Pixel Advertising, where offering a complete range of Caribbean products and services gives the consumer a more desirable product offering than a single product would. With its ability to host literally tens of thousands of clickable logos, thereby providing access to a myriad of advertisers of Caribbean products and services, The Ultimate Caribbean Homepage (TUCH) is unparallel in the realm of Caribbean Advertising. TUCH is dedicated to effectively promoting the highest sustainable standards of Caribbean Product and Service quality, as well as Caribbean Brand recognition and loyalty.

Many are beginning to echo the sentiments of Sir Ronald Sanders who, in a recent online article by the Star Publishing Co, stated that “advertising of a Caribbean Brand does not conflict with the promotion of an individual country”. The Ultimate Caribbean Homepage (TUCH) provides you with a vehicle to collectively demonstrate your commitment to a family-branding approach to Caribbean Advertising. In order to have continued success, remain competitive and sustain global recognition and interest, the Caribbean must proceed united as one huge vacation destination. Caribbean Brand promotion via TUCH will help to educate prospective visitors on the myriad of vacation experiences awaiting them throughout the Caribbean Region. By using TUCH as your common Advertising Portal, to place your thousands of individual clickable logos, the public is presented with a unified Caribbean base, which can only act to enhance the Caribbean Brand and ensure continued profitability for the region.

At TUCH, we embrace the call for Caribbean Brand promotion and offer TUCH Pixel Advertising as an avenue to accomplish this goal. However, we believe that to be completely successful and to ensure that the Brand is always synonymous with quality, the Caribbean region as well as all Global Caribbean Interests and Offerings must be included in this Caribbean family-branding effort. Consequently, in its Campaign of Total Caribbean Advertising Inclusion, TUCH welcomes all wholesome Caribbean Advertising, from any part of the world. As stated, TUCH can currently accommodate the placement of 10,000 clickable logos of advertisers on a single page. In Addition, TUCH Pixel Advertising can be expanded with several pages, each featuring ten thousand additional logos of advertisers of Products, Services and Information, All Caribbean, or with a Caribbean Connection, and all on the same Website. Pixel Advertising at TUCH can also facilitate advertisers who do not have a website. This type of All-inclusive Caribbean Advertising enhances industry efforts aimed at sustainable tourism for the region and continued growth in the public’s desire for All Things Caribbean, as well as fosters loyalty and support of the Caribbean Brand.

We invite you to visit TUCH and become a part of this effort, thereby ensuring the emergence of An Ultimate Caribbean, unchallenged as the Ultimate Vacation Destination.

— End —