Anchor Finance Group Signs Agreement With Lake City:Housing Project for Overseas Residents Launched.

Dec. 21, 2006 – Anchor Finance Group, New York has signed an agreement with Lake City Holdings (Pvt.) Ltd., a leading home builders in Pakistan that has the backing of the country’s top tier business conglomerates, to provide consumer mortgage financing facilities for Lake City’s exclusive “Bella Vista” luxury homes (the Golf Resort, M-I & the Overseas Block) in the historic city of Lahore, Pakistan.

For this purpose, Anchor Finance Group has established ‘preferred lender’ relationships with top-rated U.S. financial institutions. This offers a unique opportunity to the community to utilize various financing options (both conventional and Sharia’h-compliant), including Home Equity Line of Credit and Re-financing facilities that range from fixed-rate loans to a variety of flexible adjustable-rate options. Mortgage Financing facilities have also been packaged through premier foreign banks in Pakistan.

“Anchor and its strategic partners are pleased to serve the mortgage financing needs of Lake City’s Bella Vista customers”, said Nasim Siddiqi, President of Anchor Finance Group. “Our range of financing options will definitely meet the needs of Overseas Resident home buyers in the South Asian community”.

Anchor Finance Group:
Phone:(631)234-5400, Fax: (631)234-6429.


• An Equal Housing Provider for Overseas Residents.
• An Equal Housing Lender.
• In compliance with Community Reinvestment Act (CRA).
• In compliance with US Patriot & Privacy Acts.

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